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From the ages of five to nine, Alona first apprenticed alongside her mother. Here she learned massage, and energy work techniques to treat various pain conditions.

In 1999, Alona was injured in a car accident, leaving her with persistent pain and depression. Thus began her opportunity to experience the profound healing effects of massage & energy work firsthand.
This healing experience bettered the course of her life, not only by restoring her to a level of wellbeing she had not previously known, but by sounding a clear call.

As soon as she was well enough she began to study & practice energy healing & massage therapy. She is a graduate of New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, and has completed apprenticeships with focus on healing from Eastern perspectives, in both Colorado & New Mexico.
She believes fully in our human design, and it’s exquisite functioning. She knows firsthand it’s ability to heal, and the support that quality massage & energy work give it in doing so.