Hello & Welcome!

How do you desire to feel in your body?

Centered, grounded, ease in movement, relaxed, at peace, joyful, grateful, hopeful, mobile, pain-free, in touch with yourself, confident that you can heal, confident that you are whole…

Massage, and energy work are some of the oldest known modes of healing— and they can help.

Living day to day we are exposed to all manner of light & dark, from outside & inside ourselves. Our approach at Roots of Wellbeing draws from a number of traditions, and techniques allowing for clearing, cleansing, integrating, and re-membering yourself, ultimately restoring your radiant wholeness & wellness.

Whatever your plan, or lack of plan, for yourself— we would love to be part of your process. We look forward to serving you!

Call 505-310-1121, or email rootswellbeing@gmail.com to schedule your session now. On-line booking coming soon…